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We build, optimise, and manage high-performing web and mobile applications that support a great user experience. Our specialised UI-UX designers and developers craft smooth and easy-to-navigate applications that are aesthetically pleasing.


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These case studies underscores the importance of an impactful, efficient and attractive user interface facilitating quick and easy navigation.

#1 Revamp UI of Our Shopping App

The Need:

A leading e-commerce platform, facing user drop-off due to a cluttered and confusing mobile app UI. Users often raised complains of broken link while reviewing orders.

The Problem:

The existing app interface was outdated, lacked intuitive navigation, and resulted in a poor user experience, hindering conversions.

Discovery & Consultation:

Voyantt collaborated with the e-commerce client to understand user pain points through heatmaps, user surveys, and A/B testing.

Execution & Collaboration:

Voyantt’s UI/UX designers overhauled the app’s interface, focusing on clean layouts, user-friendly navigation, and enhanced product discovery.

Going Beyond the Fix:

Voyantt implemented A/B testing to continuously optimise the UI and ensure a seamless user experience across Android and iOS platforms.

#2 Upgrading Their UI-UX of an NGO Website

The Need:

An Indian NGO required a modern and accessible website to improve citizen engagement, by informing them about the services offered to the society for the better life of street children and destitutes.

The Problem:

The existing website was outdated, difficult to navigate, and lacked information architecture, hindering public access to essential services.

Discovery & Consultation:

Voyantt collaborated with the founder of the NGO, Samuel and Sebastian, to understand user needs and accessibility requirements. This included workshops with target audiences and in-depth analysis of existing user data.

Execution & Collaboration:

Voyantt’s web design team headed by Soumita crafted a user-centric website with a focus on clear information hierarchy, intuitive navigation, and compliance with web accessibility standards.

Going Beyond the Fix:

We implemented a content management system (CMS) for easy content updates by the admins of the NGO. We also provided ongoing support and maintenance to ensure website functionality and security. Samuel and Sebastian left us an inspiring review.

#3 Minimalistic Corporate Website Design

The Need:

A growing corporation in Canada sought to revamp its outdated website with a modern, user-friendly design that reflects its brand identity. The current website lacked clarity and functionality, hindering user engagement and failing to effectively communicate the company’s value proposition.

The Problem:

The existing website suffered from cluttered visuals, complex navigation, and slow loading times. This resulted in a poor user experience, driving visitors away and hindering potential leads. The website also failed to showcase the company’s brand personality and achievements.

Discovery & Consultation:

Voyantt’s design team collaborated closely with Theo, the founder, to understand their specific goals and target audience. We identified the need for a minimalistic website design that prioritises clean aesthetics, intuitive navigation, and clear messaging.

Execution & Collaboration:

We utilised high-quality visuals, ample white space, and a focus on essential information. The website structure was reorganised for user-friendly navigation. Content strategy focused on clear, concise messaging that effectively communicated the brand story.

Going Beyond the Fix:

The minimalistic website design resulted in a significant improvement in user engagement and lead generation. The clear and concise messaging effectively communicated the company’s value proposition, while the intuitive navigation facilitated user journeys.

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Voyantt’s UI-UX designers and developers ensure that your end users are able to navigate smoothly across your web or mobile applications. We create complete sitemaps, wireframes, mockups and protoypes via Figma. We also ensure that your app is accentuated with embedded animations, videos and infographics to engage your customers.

Select a Plan That Suits Your Needs!

Essential Maintenance

$ 375 / month

15 Hours/month

For basic maintenance, security checks and minor bug fixes.

  • Minor bug fixes, security patches, and essential updates only.
  • Actionable recommendations (optional).
  • Standard response times (8-hour turnaround).
Optimised Performance

$ 625 / month

25 Hours/month

For a proactive approach to revamp your app, ensuring enhanced security.

  • Everything in Essential Reliability.
  • Regular monitoring to identify potential issues.
  • Quarterly consultations with a solution architect for performance optimization.
  • Dedicated account manager.
  • Priority support for faster issue resolution (4-hour turnaround).
Growth Partnership

$ 1250 / month

50 Hours/month

For unlocking the full potential of your project with expert advice and optimization.

  • Everything in Optimised Performance.
  • Proactive scaling recommendations and in-depth strategy sessions with a solution architect.
  • Dedicated account manager.
  • Guaranteed emergency response times (1-hour turnaround).
Unique Approach


Bespoke Support/Month

For preventing costly downtime and focus on strategies to drive your business forward.

  • Everything in Growth Partnership.
  • Customised recommendations by an experienced solution architect.
  • Dedicated account manager.
  • Guaranteed emergency response times (1-hour turnaround).

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    With extensive experience in a variety of technologies, our team of skilled UI-UX designers and developers create exquisite web and mobile applications. We prioritise user satisfaction by addressing the pain points and delivering relevant, and time-tested solutions.

    • User-focussed Approach:

      We possess a deep understanding of platforms, and can develop user-friendly responsive websites and efficient mobile app.

    • Customer Behaviour Analysis:

      We can analyse customer behaviour and leverage data insights to streamline and personalise user journey.

    • Responsive Design:

      We understand the importance of responsive design for a seamless customer experience across all devices (desktop, mobile, tablet).

    • SEO Optimization:

      We leverage marketing tools and strategies to drive traffic to the websites and apps.


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    Since our inception, we have served diverse industries and catered to the needs of clients from different parts of the globe including Canada, the USA, the UK, the UAE, Australia, Philippines, and India. We are trusted for our efficient workflow, regular communication and punctual deliverance.


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