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#1 Website Makeover for Kenyan Adventure Company

The Need:

A Kenyan adventure company specialising in yacht, boat, and snorkelling excursions needed a website refresh. The partners, Stacy, Azizi, and Wanjiku were extremely unhappy with the existing site. It lacked visual appeal, struggled with user experience (UX), and failed to capture the thrill of their adventures.

The Pain Point:

The website offered limited information, making it difficult for potential customers to plan their dream Kenyan adventure. Static imagery failed to showcase the breathtaking landscapes and marine life. Additionally, the slow loading times frustrated visitors.

Discovery & Consultation:

Voyantt’s React team collaborated with Stacy, their technical head, and Azizi, their marketing head to understand their target audience and adventure offerings. User research revealed a need for a visually immersive and informative website that ignited a sense of wanderlust.

Execution & Collaboration:

Leveraging React’s power, we were able to build a dynamic website featuring stunning, high-resolution videos and photographs. Interactive maps allowed users to explore potential excursion locations. Responsive design facilitated seamless navigation across desktops, mobiles, and tablets.

Going Beyond the Fix:

Live chat functionalities enhanced user experience. The result? A website that not only informs but inspires, acting as a virtual gateway to Kenya’s aquatic adventures.

#2 Simplifying Doctor’s Appointment Booking

The Need:

A clinic owned by Charlotte and her cousin struggled with a clunky appointment booking system, leading to frustrated patients and missed appointments.

The Pain Point:

The existing system was outdated, difficult to navigate, and prone to errors. Patients found it cumbersome to book appointments, and staff wasted time managing cancellations and rescheduling.

Discovery & Consultation:

Voyantt’s React development team met with the clinic to understand their needs and challenges. They identified key areas for improvement, focusing on user-friendliness and efficiency.

Execution & Collaboration:

The team built a new system using React, offering a clean interface, intuitive scheduling options, and real-time appointment confirmation. Integration with the clinic’s existing software ensured a smooth workflow.

Going Beyond the Fix:

Voyantt didn’t just fix the problem; they improved it. The new system included automated appointment reminders and integrated online payment options, exceeding the clinic’s initial expectations.

#3 Captivating UI for a Senior Home

The Need:

A new senior living facility in Ontario sought a user interface (UI) that captured the riverside beauty and appealed to seniors. It needed to be easy to navigate and showcase the amenities effectively.

The Pain Point:

Traditional senior home UIs were cluttered and difficult for older adults to use. Generic visuals often failed to convey the unique atmosphere.

Discovery & Consultation:

Voyantt discovered the actual pain point by discussing at length with the founder Liam and his sister Linda, to understand their vision and target audience. Seniors’ need for clear navigation and a sense of community informed the design approach.

Execution & Collaboration:

Team created a UI that surpassed expectations, with tranquil colours and dynamic imagery capturing the riverside vibe. Utilising React’s state management, intuitive menus catered to seniors, while interactive floor plans facilitated seamless exploration, showcasing amenities through captivating animations.

Going Beyond the Fix:

The UI transcended a marketing tool. It became a window into the senior home’s welcoming environment, attracting residents and fostering a sense of community even before move-in.

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By leveraging React expertise, we deliver innovative solutions driving business success. Our scalable and dynamic user interfaces adapt to growth, optimising loading times and enhancing interactions. Our React experts tackle business problems head-on, crafting cost-efficient solutions that make a difference.

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Essential Maintenance

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  • Actionable recommendations (optional).
  • Standard response times (8-hour turnaround).
Optimised Performance

$ 625 / month

25 Hours/month

For troubleshooting severe issues and achieving better performance.

  • Everything in Essential Reliability.
  • Regular monitoring to identify potential issues.
  • Quarterly consultations with a solution architect for performance optimization.
  • Dedicated account manager.
  • Priority support for faster issue resolution (4-hour turnaround).
Growth Partnership

$ 1250 / month

50 Hours/month

For strategic growth and scaling oriented solutions.

  • Everything in Optimised Performance.
  • Proactive scaling recommendations and in-depth strategy sessions with a solution architect.
  • Dedicated account manager.
  • Guaranteed emergency response times (1-hour turnaround).
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      We leverage micro-frontends, breaking down the UI into independent, reusable pieces for better scalability and independent development.

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      Test-Driven Development (TDD): Our team writes unit and integration tests alongside code, guaranteeing high quality, easy maintenance, and fewer bugs.


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