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Voyantt offers expert Node.js development to craft high-performance websites. Their skilled professionals design, build, and maintain innovative Node.js solutions, ensuring scalability and efficiency for your online presence.


We deliver customised Node.JS solutions!

These case studies underscores the importance of prioritising real-time data processing, product recommendations and catering to end-customer’s preferences.

#1 Personalized Shopping Experience with Node.js

The Need:

A fast-growing online sporting goods store, wanted to personalise the shopping experience for their customers. Their goal was to showcase two key features: ‘Recently Viewed Products’ and ‘Items Frequently Bought Together’.

The Pain Point:

Brian, the owner, said that their team relied on manual methods to track product views and identify frequently purchased combinations. This approach was not only time-consuming but also inaccurate, failing to capture valuable customer behavioural data.

Discovery & Consultation:

Our development team met with Brian and his ecommerce management team to understand their goals and challenges. We identified the need for a real-time data processing system to track user interactions and product purchases.

Execution & Collaboration:

We stored a user’s recently viewed product IDs within a dedicated collection in MongoDB. We analysed historical purchase data to identify frequently co-purchased items. We then created relationships between these products within the database.

Going Beyond the Fix:

With Node.js we ensured smooth handling of real-time user interactions for accurate product recommendations. Integrating with marketing automation tools for targeted product promotions. Employing machine learning algorithms to refine product recommendations and cater to individual customer preferences.

#2 Automated Data Sync for Online Store

The Need:

Allen, the owner of an online store that sells faux leather / leatherette accessories in Scotland, needed real-time data to showcase best-selling products.

The Pain Point:

Allen found that it is a time taking process to update the prices of 50k+ products and feature bestsellers on their platform within a short span of 10 to 14 hours.

Discovery & Consultation:

Voyantt team, led by Sooraj, held a detailed discussion with Allen’s CTO to get a deeper insight and suggested automated data sync using Node.js & MongoDB.

Execution & Collaboration:

Leveraging Node Js & MongoDB , we were able to build a custom made data handling tool that monitors and handles huge amounts of data. We were able to update 50K+ products per day.

Going Beyond the Fix:

Node.js, combined with other tools and libraries, became a useful platform for accurate data analysis and real time updates. Our team  created a robust, scalable, and effective huge data handling tool that can process massive amounts of data quickly.

#3 Handling a High Volume of Concurrent Requests

The Need:

A thriving online floral store, faced a critical challenge. Their website struggled to handle the surge in traffic during peak seasons like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. This resulted in slow loading times, frustrated customers, and lost sales opportunities.

The Pain Point:

The existing web infrastructure couldn’t keep pace with the growing user base and concurrent requests. Traditional server setups with limited scalability were causing bottlenecks and hindering their online growth.

Discovery & Consultation:

Voyantt’s development team conducted in-depth consultations with the founder, Alicia. We identified the need for a scalable architecture that could manage high volumes of traffic without compromising website performance.

Execution & Collaboration:

We divided the website into modular microservices, each responsible for specific functionalities. Microservices communicated with each other asynchronously using an event-driven approach. This eliminates bottlenecks and ensures smooth processing even during peak traffic.

Going Beyond the Fix:

We implemented a load balancer to distribute incoming requests across multiple servers, preventing any single server from becoming overloaded. Faster loading times and a responsive website provide a seamless shopping experience for customers.

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Voyantt’s Node.JS team takes care to understand the needs of your business and suggest the best solutions. Robust security, superb loading speeds, faster data update and ongoing maintenance ensure that your site remains functional, bug-free and updated.

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Essential Maintenance

$ 375 / month

15 Hours/month

For basic maintenance, security checks and minor bug fixes.

  • Minor bug fixes, security patches, and essential updates only.
  • Actionable recommendations (optional).
  • Standard response times (8-hour turnaround).
Optimised Performance

$ 625 / month

25 Hours/month

For a proactive approach to safeguard your website from potential threats.

  • Everything in Essential Reliability.
  • Regular monitoring to identify potential issues.
  • Quarterly consultations with a solution architect for performance optimization.
  • Dedicated account manager.
  • Priority support for faster issue resolution (4-hour turnaround).
Growth Partnership

$ 1250 / month

50 Hours/month

For unlocking the full potential of your project with expert advice and optimization.

  • Everything in Optimised Performance.
  • Proactive scaling recommendations and in-depth strategy sessions with a solution architect.
  • Dedicated account manager.
  • Guaranteed emergency response times (1-hour turnaround).
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Bespoke Support/Month

For preventing costly downtime and focus on strategies to drive your business forward.

  • Everything in Growth Partnership.
  • Customised recommendations by an experienced solution architect.
  • Dedicated account manager.
  • Guaranteed emergency response times (1-hour turnaround).

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      We leverage the vast Node.js ecosystem (NPM) to find efficient solutions and contribute back.


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