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Is your Laravel application feeling sluggish or outdated? Maybe you have a great new idea that needs to be brought to life. We can cater to your Laravel needs, whether simple or complex. Our team of expert developers offers top-notch development and maintenance services at rates that won't break the bank.


Customised Solutions for Every Pain Point

Here’s a handful of success stories outlining the achievements of the experienced Laravelians in the Voyantt team. Each scenario is different from the other.

#1 Taming Database Queries

The Need:

A thriving online store for kids garments and accessories was created using Laravel in April 2023. The company is headquartered in Glasgow, UK. Its founders Arthur and Evie, were worried when their product catalogue and use base exploded which led to poor loading speed.

The Problem:

Investigators discovered inefficient database queries were the culprit. Naive N+1 queries and a lack of proper caching were causing the database to be overloaded.

Discovery & Consultation:

Through in-depth code review and performance profiling, our team identified the problematic queries. We then discussed various optimization strategies with their technical team, including eager loading, caching mechanisms, and database indexing.

Execution & Collaboration:

Our developers refactored the code, implementing eager loading for frequently accessed relationships and introducing caching layers for repetitive queries. We also collaborated with their database administrator to optimise database indexes for better performance.

Going Beyond the Fix:

We didn’t just fix the immediate issue. We documented the implemented optimizations and provided best practices to help Arthur and Evie in future development. Additionally, we integrated automated performance testing to proactively identify potential bottlenecks as the platform scales further. Evie, as a kind gesture, left us a cute little testimonial.

#2 Complex HTTPS and SSL Configuration

The Need:

In order to guarantee user data encryption during online transactions, a reputed payment processing platform in Australia, set out to transition their website to HTTPS. But their internal staff was not well-versed in intricate HTTPS setups.

The Pain Point:

The client needed an HTTPS implementation that was both effective and safe. Selecting the appropriate SSL certificate type, configuring the server correctly, and possible performance effects were among the worries.

Discovery and Consultation:

Our group worked closely with their manager Benjamin to comprehend their unique requirements and website design. We described the several SSL certificate alternatives, such as Extended Validation (EV) and Domain Validation (DV), according to their respective security requirements.

Execution and Collaboration:

To provide a seamless HTTPS integration, we shortened the server configuration procedure and obtained an affordable DV certificate. To make sure there was no negative effect on website loading speeds, we also ran performance testing.

Going Beyond the Fix:

We didn’t stop at merely implementing HTTPS; we offered continuous certificate management services, which included security-preserving automated renewals. In addition, we conducted staff training to identify and resolve any potential HTTPS issues. With a comprehensive approach, our client was able to build trust with their customers and enhance website security seamlessly.

#3 Real-Time Data Sync and Automated Employee Payment

The Requirement:

A reputable staffing agency in Mississauga, Canada that uses Hubstaff for employee management contacted us for developing a comprehensive and efficient system that will track all member activities via Hubstaff. Further, it will automatically calculate their working hours and pay all employees simultaneously.

The Pain Point:

Managing dynamic data synchronisation between Hubstaff and our cloud-based Laravel application presents several challenges. Our client, Michelle, needed a solution that not only supports continuous and on-demand data synchronisation; but also helps tracking adjustments in hours worked, pay rates in real-time, time off and bonuses.

Discussion and Consultation:

To address the synchronisation and payment challenges, our team has devised a strategic plan leveraging advanced Laravel features. We plan to utilise Laravel’s queue and task scheduling capabilities to ensure continuous and reliable data syncing. We started by setting up queues in Laravel to handle asynchronous data processing.

Execution and Collaboration:

We implemented: (a) Laravel Pusher: for real-time tracking, immediate updates and insights. (b) WebSocket: for real-time monitoring, syncing, quick updates and immediate feedback. (c) Laravel Horizon: to manage payment distribution with parallel payment requests. (d) Webhooks: to record all transactions. (e) JSON APIs: for smooth payment dispatches and seamless financial transactions.

Going Beyond the Fix:

Our commitment to excellence doesn’t stop at implementing solutions. We continuously monitor and optimise our systems to ensure they not only meet but exceed the evolving needs of our clients. By incorporating feedback and harnessing new technologies, we strive to deliver innovative, future-proof solutions that add significant value to our clients’ operations.

What Our Clients Say

Move Ahead with Confidence

Get the most out of Laravel! Affordable development and maintenance to keep your web applications running smoothly and securely.

Choose a Plan That’s Best for You!

Essential Maintenance

$ 300 / month

10 Hours/month

For proactive bug fixing, regular reports and timely recommendations.

  • Proactive bug fixes, security patches, and compatibility updates.
  • Monthly maintenance reports.
  • Actionable recommendations.
  • Standard response times (8-hour turnaround).
Ideal for:

Companies with smaller Laravel projects that require fundamental support within a budget.

Optimised Performance

$ 700 / month

25 Hours/month

For troubleshooting severe issues and achieving better performance.

  • Everything in Essential Reliability.
  • Regular monitoring to identify potential issues.
  • Quarterly consultations with a solution architect for performance optimization.
  • Dedicated account manager.
  • Priority support for faster issue resolution (4-hour turnaround).
Ideal for:

Establishments that need to improve their existing Laravel project ensuring optimal growth and security.

Growth Partnership

$ 1400 / month

50 Hours/month

For strategic growth and scaling oriented solutions.

  • Everything in Optimised Performance.
  • Proactive scaling recommendations and in-depth strategy sessions with a solution architect.
  • Dedicated account manager.
  • Guaranteed emergency response times (1-hour turnaround).
Ideal for:

Businesses using laravel for more complex projects and looking for advanced checks for every module.

Unique Approach


Bespoke Support/Month

For offbeat problems demanding greater attention.

  • Everything in
  • Growth Partnership.
  • Customised recommendations by an experienced solution architect.
  • Dedicated account manager.
  • Guaranteed emergency response times (1-hour turnaround).
Ideal for:

Companies looking for guaranteed ROI, and requiring unparalleled guidance from start to finish.

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    • Custom Monolithic Application Development:

      We provide Custom monolithic application development for a robust and efficient way to build complex applications. We create a single, self-contained codebase that manages all functionalities of the application.

    • Microservice Setup:

      In microservice architecture, each service is responsible for a specific functionality and communicates with other services through APIs. Setting up microservices requires careful planning and API design to ensure seamless communication and data exchange between services.

    • Third-Party Services and API Integrations:

      Third-party services and APIs offer a wealth of functionalities that can be seamlessly integrated into custom applications. Integrating APIs requires careful selection and understanding of their functionalities to ensure secure and reliable communication.

    • JSON / GraphQL API development:

      JSON offers a simple and lightweight approach, well-suited for most data exchange scenarios. GraphQL provides a more flexible way to request specific data from an API, reducing the amount of data transferred. We work with both formats.


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