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Success stories that you might relate to Every Pain Point

The insights and efforts of our talented Angular developers have helped businesses obtain cost-effective solutions to various problems.

#1 Region and Language Specific Weather App

The Need:

Khalid had launched a weather app alongside his hotel booking app. He wanted to make the weather app more user-centric to regional and language-specific needs. This app should deliver real-time weather updates, storm alerts, and a seamless user experience.

The Problem:

Existing weather applications lacked customization. Users craved a solution that displayed information in their preferred language and provided location-based alerts for severe weather events.

Discovery & Consultation:

Through close collaboration, we identified the core functionalities such as, automatic location detection or manual input; ability to display weather information in various languages; timely alerts for severe weather events; and user-friendly design for easy navigation.

Execution & Collaboration:

Leveraging Angular’s rich features, we built a robust and scalable application. We developed reusable components for weather data display and language selection. We implemented services to fetch real-time weather data and manage user preferences. Not only did we ensure seamless navigation between different app sections, we also integrated with weather APIs for accurate data retrieval.

Going Beyond the Fix:

We didn’t just build an app; we fostered a future-proof solution. We incorporated modular design, to facilitate future feature additions and integrations. We guaranteed application stability for a smooth user experience.

#2 Overcoming Performance Challenges for Ecommerce Site

The Need:

Alen,  the owner of a rapidly growing e-commerce company, needed a robust and scalable platform to handle increasing product volume and user traffic. He desired a user-friendly shopping experience with advanced search and filtering functionalities.

The Pain Point:

The major task was the efficient handling of large product catalogues and real-time search results, while optimising SEO and initial page load times.

Discovery and Consultation:

Our team lead, Kalyan, held a detailed discussion to discover and better understand how Alen wanted to grow the ecommerce store, by adding more product categories, or by reaching out to more vendors by expanding the geographical radius. Based on the growth plan we implemented our strategies to boost the performance of the website.

Execution and Collaboration:

We implemented SSR with Angular Universal to improve SEO and initial page load performance. We utilised RxJS for reactive data management and optimised data fetching, minimising unnecessary server requests. Lazy loading ensured faster loading times. Code splitting techniques and caching further fuelled the process. 

Going Beyond the Fix:

We successfully enhanced the performance of the ecommerce site by using Angular’s features like lazy loading and RxJS.  Taking a step forward, we proactively identified and addressed performance bottlenecks.

#3 Improving User Experience

The Requirement:

Our client, Mayumi, needed an improved user experience for her online store that delivers  custom seasonal flower bouquets. Besides the slow loading times, the perplexing navigation, and poor search keyword features were causing dissatisfaction among users.

The Pain Point:

The current Angular application’s UX suffers from shortcomings that hinder user efficiency and decrease engagement. Mayumi, who started her ecommerce business in October 2021, complained of missed business opportunities due to users abandoning tasks.

Discussion and Consultation:

Our team lead,  communicated with Mayumi and her team to procure as much information as possible. We analysed the pain points, categorised them by severity, and conducted a user journey mapping to better understand their interaction with the application.

Execution and Collaboration:

We leveraged Angular’s strengths to revamp navigation (clear menus, lazy loading), optimise performance (dependency injection, SSR), and improve user experience with clear error messages, accessibility features, and discoverability tools (tooltips, animations). We applied breadcrumbs service for easier backtracking within the application.

Going Beyond the Fix:

After initial improvements, we ensured success through A/B testing design solutions and measuring user engagement. Continuously monitor user behaviour to find areas for further refinement, fostering a user-centric development culture with ongoing research and iterative design.

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The Angular development team at Voyantt offers a dynamic UI that provides an unmatched user experience. Our scalable and dynamic UIs adapt to growth, optimising loading times and enhancing interactions. Our in-depth knowledge ensures future-proof applications, allowing users to focus on their business goals.

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Essential Maintenance

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  • Actionable recommendations (optional).
  • Standard response times (8-hour turnaround).
Optimised Performance

$ 625 / month

25 Hours/month

For troubleshooting severe issues and achieving better performance.

  • Everything in Essential Reliability.
  • Regular monitoring to identify potential issues.
  • Quarterly consultations with a solution architect for performance optimization.
  • Dedicated account manager.
  • Priority support for faster issue resolution (4-hour turnaround).
Growth Partnership

$ 1250 / month

50 Hours/month

For strategic growth and scaling oriented solutions.

  • Everything in Optimised Performance.
  • Proactive scaling recommendations and in-depth strategy sessions with a solution architect.
  • Dedicated account manager.
  • Guaranteed emergency response times (1-hour turnaround).
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Bespoke Support/Month

For offbeat problems demanding greater attention.

  • Everything in Growth Partnership.
  • Customised recommendations by an experienced solution architect.
  • Dedicated account manager.
  • Guaranteed emergency response times (1-hour turnaround).

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      Working knowledge of fundamental tools such as Git for version control, npm for package management, and the Angular CLI for project administration.

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